Despite its small size, a motor testing device is one of your business’s most critical tools. A motor can fail or malfunction at any time, which is why it is important to test for performance issues on a regular basis. The right multimeter is able to help detect certain electrical conditions such as if the motor is ungrounded or condemn a bad motor by testing each winding terminal. However, this tool does not troubleshoot motor issues in a comprehensive way which helps determine what is actually wrong with the motor or the repair that is required.

While there are a variety of multimeters on the market that can meet your testing requirements for many applications, they fail to meet the requirements needed for adequately testing motors. ALL-TEST Pro offers several high-quality testing tools that help you identify more abnormalities and meet higher efficiency standards.

What Kind of Motor Tester Do I Need?

Dozens of industries across the competitive market use motor testing tools to monitor the performance of their electrical equipment. At ALL-TEST Pro, we make instruments that determine the state of health of motors and cables, giving you reliable answers in an easy to understand format (good, bad, warn). We serve various markets and industries, including but not limited to:

Choosing the correct motor testing tool depends on the type of electrical equipment and the level of maintenance program you desire. For example, you may need a certain type of device depending on the power supplied or provided by the specific type of electrical equipment. Other factors to consider when you choose a tool include safety, price, and user frequency. If you’re working with high-power equipment and testing the motor while energized, extreme care should be taken that protects against dangerous voltages. 

Meanwhile, you might create a larger or smaller budget for your device depending on how you plan to use it. We have options that offer full predictive maintenance capabilities that internally store the test results so you can perform as many tests as needed throughout the day. There are also options available for different types of motors, from AC motors and DC motors to traction motors, transformers, generators, single phase coils, and any other electrical equipment with coils.

Choose ALL-TEST Pro Testing Tools

We have several types of motor testing equipment for industrial applications. ALL-TEST Pro instruments are superior to multimeters for electrical coil testing thanks to their speed and specialized range of capabilities. Our products use highly advanced technology and features to fully analyze the condition of your motor, which gives them an advantage over traditional tools for electrical coil testing.

One of our most popular pieces of motor testing equipment is the ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL. This product is a deenergized testing tool that’s both versatile and easy to use. It can analyze almost any type of motor, and it serves as an excellent form of prevention against failures and delays.

We also have a range of products in stock, including the ALL-SAFE PRO® and the MOTOR GENIE® Tester. Our options are ideal for both diagnostics and prevention, offering easily readable displays and intuitive controls. The ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ can even measure properties like contamination and the winding condition, depending on the test you choose.

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ALL-TEST Pro products give you more control over your projects by offering both convenience and testing accuracy in a small package. If you’re unsure what kind of motor testing equipment to get, we recommend reading more about the features and benefits our devices offer. Request a quote on our website today when you’re ready to buy.


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