Have you ever had a motor fail unexpectedly on the job? If so, you likely understand the importance of predictive maintenance and testing. Testing your motors regularly is a critical part of ensuring they perform at their best every day.

Kinds of Multimeters

There are many different types of motor testing instruments to choose from. The right tool will help you identify performance issues early and reduce downtime — and this could save you money in the long-run. 

One of the most common types of motor testing equipment is the multimeter. This instrument can be used to test several functions of your device. Most multimeters measure voltage, current and resistance, while the other variables require specialized instruments. Types of multimeters include:

  • The clamp digital multimeter
  • The multimeter
  • The autoranging multimeter
  • The analog multimeter

Different Types of Motor Testing Instruments Available From ALL-TEST Pro

Multimeters are used for motor testing due to their availability, but they provide very limited information regarding the condition of the motor and often results in eliminating the motor as the source of the problem. This results in unnecessary and ineffective maintenance or troubleshooting on other parts of the motor system components. ALL-TEST Pro provides the efficient solution to support your applications. We are a top source in the industry for different types of motor testing instruments, and our portable devices exceed the capabilities of any multimeter.

ALL-TEST Pro provides an entire range of motor testing instruments and accessories. These portable testing instruments are convenient and easy to use, and they’re designed to offer accurate instant results for both deenergized and energized motor testing. For example, you can rely on superior performance and technology with the ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL tool we have available. This tool is compatible with almost every type of AC and DC motor, as well as a variety of other devices. It’s also enhanced with our patented technology for optimal testing quality and versatility.

Other testing solutions we offer include:

Deenergized instruments:

Energized Instruments & Accessories:

You can use our testing options to identify motor abnormalities and address them before they start to impact your operations. They stand out among the different types of motor testing equipment thanks to their incredible precision and efficiency. Instead of detecting issues while they are occurring, these instruments help you predict failures from happening in the first place.

If you need a tool that can measure and troubleshoot from a distance, the ALL-TEST PRO 34™ could be the solution you’re looking for. Other options such as the MOTOR GENIE® Tester and the ALL-SAFE PRO® offer quick results so you can test as many devices as needed. Our testers go above and beyond, allowing you to analyze the full condition of the motor before taking on new projects.

Contact ALL-TEST Pro to Learn More

If you’re considering different types of motor testers for your latest applications, we have multiple energized and de-energized products in our inventory. While there are several kinds of multimeters available, you can benefit more from using a motor testing instrument from ALL-TEST Pro. We help you take control of your operations by providing a simple, accurate testing method that meets your exact requirements. Read more about our options today or contact us online for a quote.


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